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Paisley’s Peach Tea Ice Cream Floats
Brought to you by Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee

Peach Ice Cream, Sorbet, or Sherbet
Paisley Brand English Breakfast Tea
1 1/2 ounce good quality vodka (optional)

Prepare tea as instructed on box. Fill your glass with the ice cream. If using the vodka, pour into the glass then top with tea. Stir to combine.

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New Info on Vaneli’s Retail Bags: Knowledge is Half the Battle!

Greetings Vaneli’s faithful! Thank you for your patience as I took some time off to get married and go on vacation as the good Lord intended. But now I’m back, refreshed, and better than ever. I am excited to introduce you to a few noted additions during our slow roll out of improved Vaneli’s 12oz coffee bags and teach you what they mean and why we’ve added them.

Thank You Kauai!

Thank You Kauai!

Many Vaneli’s regulars are familiar with my practice of roasting all single origin coffees (coffees from a single, specific country) as a light roast. However in my pursuit to attract new customers and help customers discover their next favorite brew we will be including the degree of roast on our coffee bags. All single origin coffees will still be light roasted and we will continue to carry our various medium and dark roasts that you know and love; only now it will specifically tell you the roast degree you can expect. That being said, if you every need a recommendation simply call us up and ask, we’re real people ready to help, really.s Open House-8254

The next two additionswill only apply to our light roast, single origin coffees and will take some desire for learning to fully appreciate. As I have taken over the coffee buying for Vaneli’s it has given me the opportunity to experiment with coffees I’ve never tried and buy from suppliers we’ve never supported before. Throughout this experience I’ve learned much about the origin countries supplying us with crazy good coffee as well as garnered a deeper understanding of what goes into growing the world’s best coffee. Today we will be looking at how elevation and coffee varietals affect the flavor and quality of coffee.

Let’s talk optimal coffee growing regions first and foremost so we can set up a baseline for our knowledge acquisition. Coffee is grown on this beautiful planet between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, clustered near the equator, in over 70 countries. It needs a yearly average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with over 100 inches of rain. How, you ask, do you achieve such mild temperatures and incredible rainfall in the hottest regions on earth? Elevation. Higher elevations mean lower average temperature and increased precipitation. Mild temps and tons of rain means a slower grow cycle resulting in coffee cherries with higher sugar contents and more dense seeds (coffee beans). This density is directly related to complexity of flavor, depth of flavor, and ability to hold up to a deeper degree of roast. Combined together it means a freakin delicious cup of coffee and is something roaster and green been buyers look at carefully. Now you can too. You will now find cultivation elevation for all Vaneli’s single origin coffees near their flavor descriptors on the left hand side. Now you can join the hunt.

Major Coffee Growing Regions

Major Coffee Growing Regions

The second bit of information added to our retail bags is the specific variety of coffee bean. This bit is a very special nod of thanks to the countless men and women who produce fine coffee everywhere. Coffee, like many crops, has been altered over its many years of production. Sometimes this alteration occurs by way of natural mutation (like Bourbon coffee) and sometimes it is a purposeful breeding (as in the SL28 variety) that results in a variety with specific traits such as increased cherry production, larger cherry production, or resistance to pests, disease, or drought. The story of coffee and its many varieties is a fascinating look at the peaks and valleys of coffee production and consumption. It is a story that tells of the triumphs of human problem solving intertwined into our desire for the best product. I’m including a link if you’d like to dive further; just know it has much to do with the overall flavor of the coffee and its general physical properties denoted by genetic variation. This variety classification is found on our retail bags near the flavor description on the right hand side.

by: Marcelo Pereira Magnere

Varieties of Coffea Arabica

Thanks for hanging in there; I know it was a lot of coffee nerdery all at once. I want you to have the best possible coffee experience and the knowledge is all part of it. Hope you found this fun and insightful. As always Choose Carefully, Act Thoughtfully, and Sip Slowly.



Nick Young

Roast Master

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What is a Macchiato?

The Macchiato is one of the staple Italian espresso beverages. It sits on the shelf along with Latte, Cappuccino, and (for tourists) Americano. Traditionally it is prepared by pulling a single or double shot of espresso into a 3 oz demitasse (small espresso cup), steaming 1-2 oz of milk and using that thick steamed milk to “mark” or “stain” the espresso. The milk works to balance out the strong espresso coffee and add a touch of sweetness.

Portafilter espresso

For years folks have been confused as to what a macchiato was due to the meteoric rise in popularity of the Caramel Macchiato. As compared to its traditional cousin the Caramel version is more closely related to a caramel latte. It is served in vessel much larger than 3 oz (12-20 oz) and instead of marking the espresso it buries it and covers it up with caramel sauce and whipped cream. It is very sweet with not much (if any) coffee flavor, so choose wisely.

Espresso Double Shot

With the rise of commercially available espresso coffee there has evolved an ambiguous interpretation of traditionally European beverages. But what else could we expect in the US of A other than a healthy dose of Amerification? When asking “is this the real stuff” or “is this authentic” we have to understand that everything we have adopted and recreated is done through a lens of Americana. Of course espresso was prepared differently in Italy, of course their bean blend is different, of course their milk is fresh vs homogenized, I could go on and on. That being said, it is not a stretch to say that we can prepare coffee in the spirit of Italy but it is a little off to imply that this is real authentic Italian espresso. If it was roasted in the States and pulled by an American barista it is most assuredly an American espresso experience and to name it anything else is to disregard the craft as it has evolved.


Professional Life Tip: If you’d like to try a macchiato but you prefer your drink a little sweeter try asking the barista to stir in ½ packet of raw sugar into your espresso before they mark it with the milk foam. It will be a cool mixture of an old world prep with your signature sweetness.

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Celebrating Saint Patty’s Day With a Hearty Brew

This year Vaneli’s is your one stop shop for all things green. We have several delicious green teas including Tamayokucha; a Japanese green tea, Orange Sencha; a light offering featuring orange flavor accents, and my current favorite the Ginger Green Tea from our Paisley Tea line. Web Lifestyle_Green Tea-2100
Feeling something a little sweeter? Check our our Tortoise Green Tea Chai from David Rio out of San Francisco. You’ll be feeling fine and sipping sweet with flavors of black tea and cardamon mixed with antioxidant rich green tea. Green Tea Chai Smoothie Recipe-1If the sweet tooth doesn’t quite rule your roost and perhaps a little Irish libation is on the menu; pick up a bag of Pub Blend and add some Jameson for good measure. Our Pub Blend was formulated specifically to meld with the flavors of whiskey and has been called the best whiskey coffee in the world. Irish CoffeeI know you’ll agree that with these St. Pats friendly offerings your weekend will be turned up to 10 with sights set on a good time. Please be safe and responsible.

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Kore Body Scrub

kore body scrub 1 A hearty Vaneli’s cheers to our friends over at Kore Body Co ( for the completion of their first run of all natural body scrubs. I was fortunate enough to connect with these fine folks around 6 months ago when we were presented with the opportunity to provide roasted ground coffee for their scrub. My lady and I have both tried it out and I gotta say it is a fun mess! The shower looks like a mud pie fight just happened but your skin feels awesome. For this project Kore was seeking a high caffeine coffee to provide some skin rejuvenation and our answer was to source a heavy Java Robusta and we couldn’t be happier with the result. I can’t pretend to know how all of it works but these guys have the formula down and know how to help you have happy smooth skin. We tried the Vanilla Bean Coffee Scrub and are awaiting their next offerings Peppermint Coffee and Beach Coffee Scrub. Check them out on Instagram @kore.body. Congratulations to Kore and Happy Scrubbing!

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